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 Fourm Rules

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John Metalhead
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Forum Mod

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PostSubject: Fourm Rules   Mon Apr 28, 2008 3:12 pm

This Forum IS NOT a public forum. You can't refer to freedom to speech.
Message board's rules are below so keep the rules!

* Do not advertise.
* You can't behave like you want to. If you post outrageous insults or total bullshit, we will ban you.
* If you answer to someone's post quote a part of that message. One word IS NOT enough.
* Edit your messages. We don't need a new Bible.
* When you quote previous messages, use BBCode.
* Use your imagination. Edit more or write longer text.
* Spell check your messages. Also check out that your message makes sense.
* Smilies don't replace alphabets.
* You can add pics to your message, but remember, crop pictures if they're not relevant.
* GOOD size of picture would be something between 300x300 - 400x400 pixels.
* Private conversations don't belong in the message board. Use the PMs for that.
* Notice that we have different sections on the message board! Post your messages to the right section. Otherwise we will remove your messages. And if you still post your messages to the wrong section we will ban you.
* Don't use only capitals. It's unkind and makes you look like an idiot. People will also understand it like yelling. Remember: you are as smart as your text looks.
* Many people will read your messages so behave and keep your point. Try to also update your messages as often as is needed.
* When you reply keep in mind what you want to say. Give reasons to why you are saying something.
* Odds n' Ends is a sub-forum where you can discuss almost everything. But no discussions of anything Illegal (discussion of Law is allowed.)
* Use Google if you want to ask a million questions and get reasonable answers to them.
* Check your private message folder and delete messages which you don't need.
* You will be banned if you don't behave, if you spam, if you will post any porno- or splatter pictures or links, if you use big signatures, if you will threaten other users, administrators or moderators, if you will expose other user's identity or if you use some other's ID and PW or if you will change 'em.
* Our message board's administrators are Wolf Man and Nightlash. They will make decisions regarding the forum, so if you argue with them in decisions you are wasting your time and theirs as well.

Follow these simple rules and everything should be fine. Have Fun!
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Fourm Rules
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